Debian GNU/Linux: "squeeze" on a Thinkpad X220


Update 2014: notes below were with Debian "squeeze". It works fine with current Debian "wheezy".

Installation was a mess. The current Debian "sqeeze" installer detects neither the e1000e network card nor the hard disk (SSD). I ended up doing an installation using the "debian-installer" (d-i) unofficial backports, however that detected the network card but not the hard disk. So I installed on a USB disk (my n900 cellphone!), grub didn't want to install on that for some reason, so I did a PXE boot, upgraded the kernel to the 2.6.39 backport, booted the new kernel, partitionned and copied over the files onto the hard disk, and finally installed grub.

Disabling the touchpad

I was lazy and used the GUI program "gpointing-device-settings".

This page has more information:

Wireless network ("Intel Corporation 6000 Series Gen2")

Add "non-free" to the Debian apt sources, then:

# apt-get install firmware-iwlwifi

Détecteur de chute

# apt-get install hdapsd

(quoique ceci n'est pas particulièrement pertinent avec un disque SSD, mais semble amusant comme fonction)