Screencast: Creating CiviCRM websites using Aegir (provision)

In this demo, we will see how the Aegir hosting management system "provision_civicrm" module for Aegir can handle the installation of CiviCRM sites. It is a great solution to simplify the management of CiviCRM sites and allow non-technical users to create their own site.

Aegir is a hosting system that allows us to automate many of the common tasks associated with deploying and managing websites. Aegir makes it easy to install, clone, upgrade, deploy and backup Drupal sites. For example, it can be used for large scale Drupal hosting, or setting up development environments.

CiviCRM is a constituent relationship management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy and non-profit groups. It is available as a Drupal module, but also works with Joomla and Wordpress.

This demo is aimed at CiviCRM developers or those who would like to simplify the maintenance of their existing CiviCRM site.

How to install provision_civicrm (assuming you have already installed Aegir):

  • Get a copy of the code: git clone git://
  • Move the resulting provision_civicrm directory into your /var/aegir/.drush/

For more information, see: provision_civicrm project page on

Download the screencast (OGG, 50 Mb)