Motivation / incentives

  • Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

    • higher incentives led to worse performance.
    • incentives work on narrowed focus, but limit periphery, creativity.
    • more autonomy leads to more creativity.
    • Criticism: quotes exceptions (wikipedia, atlassian/google "20% free time"), does not recognize it takes a core team of very perceptive, motivated people to make it work.

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    1. Autonomy - can they at least sometimes discover something on their own that needs doing/fixing and go ahead and do it without okaying it with management?
    2. Mastery - can they devote enough time to new things (e.g. technology) to feel that they are learning something and spending enough time on it to lead to mastery?
    3. Purpose - do they have a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves (as opposed to in name only: "there are six people in this group, therefore they are a team!")