Hotmail/Live postmaster tools

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IP health

To monitor how bad your e-mails are being delivered to Hotmail/Live (and possibly other evil derivatives such as Bell Sympatico), you can request access to the "SNDS" service of Hotmail (their fancy way of calling it "postmaster tools").

  • Start here:

  • Then click on "request access", i.e.

  • It will then ask you for an IP or range that you want to monitor.

  • If not already logged-in, it will request that you to sign in using a "passport" account, which is Microsoft's centralized login service. You can sign up using your own e-mail address.

  • Then start over again, enter the IP, and it will request that you confirm the request for access by sending an e-mail to a list of pre-determined addresses, such as (where "" is the reverse DNS matching the IP).

Once that is done, you can see the stats of how many e-mails were received, how many were delivered, who complained that it was spam, etc.

Feedback loop

When users click on the "this is junk" icon of the webmail, you can get a notification to receive a copy of the message and the user who reported it.


Hotmail likes OpenSPF, which they call SenderID.

Hotmail has a wizard somewhere on their site to create an OpenSPF record for your DNS, but the OpenSPF tools are much more usable.