Default passwords

  • Phone: 456
  • Web interface: Polycom / 456

Ref: Polycom Phones

DHCP configuration

Added this to my /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf configuration:

option ntp-servers;
option time-offset -18000;

(not clear how the phone deals with daylight savings, but I prefer to configure this from the DHCP server than from the phone’s web interface)

SIP configuration (via the web interface)

In Section “Lines”:


  • Display Name: CallerID name (ex: John Doe)
  • Address: SIP account username (makes no sense, but this seems to be the username)
  • Auth User ID: SIP account username (well, considering the above, I’m not sure what this does)
  • Auth Password: SIP account password
  • Label: name of the line displayed on the phone (ex: “# 1001” for extention 1001)
  • Type: private (no idea what “shared” does, rings in multiple locations?)

Server 1:

  • Address: SIP server address, ex:
  • Port: 5060
  • Transport: UDP only (I’m not sure what the others are, such as “DNSnaptr”)