tunnelbroker.net (by Hurricane Electric) offers a free IPv6 tunnel service to encourage IPv6 adoption that you can use on your home network or with your servers. I use it for my home network, which includes a few minimal servers as well. I also use their excellent free DNS service.

The DNS service includes “dynamic DNS” support, meaning that a router for an IPv4 network can update its DNS regularly. For people like me using a home DSL connection with a dynamic IPv4 address, it can be useful to find my way back home if I’m on an IPv4 network (my IPv6 addresses, provided by tunnelbroker, are static).

In short, here is how dynamic DNS with tunnelbroker works:

  • create/edit a “A” DNS entry, check the box “Enable entry for dynamic dns” (it may display as your IP, if you are connecting using IPv6, it will get updated when ddclient runs)
  • after adding the new entry, a “refresh” icon will appear in the “DDNS” column of the DNS listing
  • click on that icon to generate a new key which will be used as your password.

We are now ready to configure it on the client (e.g. the home router with the public IPv4 address):

  • install “ddclient” (apt-get install ddclient, on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • the remote server is dyn.dns.he.net
  • the username is the subdomain name, ex: www.example.org
  • the password is the key that was generated earlier
  • and enter again the subdomain, as being the entry that will be updated

If you don’t have the Debian installation-wizard, in other words, you need to put something similar to this in your /etc/ddclient.conf:

use=if, if=ppp0


Update 2013: in Canada QC/ON, on DSL, Teksavvy offers native IPv6 connections.